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Advises and rules of fun don’t really exist, the important is how someone has fun and what is offering to him the game, the bet and the winning. The important for the player of the casino is that he has to play in order to have fun. Casinos are pleasant places with luxury, good service, nice restaurants and bars and we must use them as much as we can. It must be clear for the player how much money can afford to play and how much money his financial statement permits him to lose. These, must be money that he does not need for his basic needs. It will be better not to use credit cards as a way for cash in order to play in casino because of the costs of the withdrawal and the high interests. In order the presence in casino to be longer, the player must make bet, according to the initial capital he has decided to play in order to stay longer and not losing his money at once.

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It is wised to avoid loaning, in order to play in casinos. The player that plays with carefulness is always a winner, if not in money at least in fun. The one who plays uncontrollably, most of the times he loses and always with anxiety. When someone plays in casino, has to know that most of the times he will lose, and for this reason he has reasure this loss to be small and very entertaining.

The one who believes that he is going to be rich in one night in a casino, it is advisable to change his opinion, because according to my belief, casino does not have to do with the winnings but with the satisfaction of each game and the joy of winning. My own experience has shown that casinos are full of rich people, so it is not the profit that they chaise.

And of course I have met people who have gained a fortune in casinos but after that they lost it slowly, because they did not stop to play in casinos. The important thing is how someone treats his winnings, but this has to do of course with the character and the personality of the player. Personally, when I gain a big amount of money, I make myself a good present that I would not do in other circumstances, and the rest of the money, I know that I will go and play them in the casino, because it is an entertainment that I like.

Sometimes, it is normal our mood to drive us in an irrational behavior, which I call “fever” of casino. The symptoms are many and I will say some of them. Lots of times, a player is driven in a game higher of his limits, not in order to win but to gain the loss. The most common is to lose more. Many times, a player keeps playing a game, in which does not have luck at this specific night, because of his love in this specific game-machine. And most of the times, after a huge winning, the player keeps on playing, by having the hope to gain more, with result to lose his winnings very fast. For someone who goes in casino only for one time, this way of playing may be effective but for the ones who go often in casino, carefulness is necessary.


Casino Everything about casino, casino games. land and online casinos

Casino Everything about casino, casino games. land and online casinos