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The incentive for this article was given to me by the many articles that are being published during the festive periods in various life style magazines; especially the casino lifestyle ones. The lucky games and gambling in Greece are connected with the Christmas and New year's celebrations. However, although gambling and card playing in our country are generally regarded as "bad habits", during these days they doget the green card (only for new year's sake!) and their place in the festive arrangements on the table, together with all the other traditions. I imagine that most of us had our "first time" with the cards during a family "31" (for mothers and children) and with a family blackjack, until our time had come for the new year's eve during which we would take our place on the poker table, together with the rest of the family gamblers.

Since casino is the temple of gambling, it is natural to attract all this attention in the various magazines and newspapers. Especially since the last few years, we have land casinos in our country too. Casino carries an air of aristocracy, which was given to it by the european casinos - first in line is the Monte Carlo one and the european aristocrats who enjoy its easy nature, being time wasters and with loads of money to spend. When the american casinos became closer to the public and the dream of every american housewife, they still managed to keep this aristocratic aura around them, with the posh atmosphere syrrounding you in all the rooms and the excellent service in your every move. Therefore, it is not by luck at all that in 2006, more than 50 million people travelled from every part of america and the rest of the world to Las Vegas, in an attempt to spend even a few hours at the famous Casinos.

But what does all this have to do with the nonsense that numerous greek journalists write about a very sensual atmosphere in the greek casinos? I haven't got a clue! This atmosphre is not created by the spaces, but by the people themselves; believe me, if your poor libido does not go dead as soon as you step in one of those posh rooms of any casino, then it probably suffers a shock so bad that tranforms it into the passion of gambling and pushing bright colourful buttons or pulling levers. The situation is, however, saved by a few newcomers, girls and boys who normally have their first time with casino and are naturally full of questions and the will to chat. The rest of the people are so focused on their gaming, they don't care about anything else at all. Now, with regards to the casino staff, men and women (especially for the women, because I have read some things about passionate looks) they are hard workers, who don't actually work under the best circumtances and they can just about managee a typical smile of kindness.

In any case, if you are looking for sensuality, do not look for it in a land casino. I believe that with a little effort you can find it better somewhere else. And with a little more effort, you can even bring it into your own home.


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Casino Everything about casino, casino games. land and online casinos

Casino Everything about casino, casino games. land and online casinos