Being a winner at the casino!

Casino is a winner of publicity in Greece. This is due to the advertising campaigns of the Greek casinos, the articles of the lifestyle magazines as well as the development of online casinos, since they follow a very strong kind of marketing and you come across their advertisements in numerous sites.

Casino Everything about casino, casino games. land and online casinos

Amidst this impressive wealth of information, I can do nothing but laugh at the kind of articles that tell you how to win in a casino and tips about how to manage your funds as a casino player. I would like to write a few things my self for you, although I don't consider my self to be an expert on this matter; At least, I am a frequent visitor of online and real casinos for more than 15 years. The advantage in every game of casino is the casino itself, this is how things are designed. Sometimes, temporarily, the players may find themselves a winner; but let me repeat again: only temporarily!!! As the game goes on, the chances of leaving the casino as a winner are very slim.

The first and only winner of casino, is the casino itself. This is a huge, clear, definite and universal truth. Therefore, the only definite way for someone to be a winner in a casino, is to be its owner (the casino shares are very good long term investments).

I also read advice like, this is how much money you sould take with you, do not borrow any money, do not use credit card for cash and other beautiful things like that. Which are indeed, quite right, but not when you are a regular casino goer; then they lose their importance. On the other hand, if you don't have any extra money for the summer, I have a very interesting and beneficial solution for you. When you think you are financially ready to go to the casino and play, simply arrange a weekend holiday with your other half in a beautiful greek island. It is the best investment. You can escape a few hours in an enclosed (even if its luxurious and air conitioned) room of a casino or a few hours in front of your computer and you will have something beautiful to tell your grandchildren (I really don't think they will want to hear about a night at the casino when you lost all your money because the bloody roulette never came up with the numbers you placed your bet on).

You can find information about some beautiful greek islands here

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Casino Everything about casino, casino games. land and online casinos

Casino Everything about casino, casino games. land and online casinos